An Introduction to Contactless Ordering for the Post COVID World

An Introduction to Contactless Ordering for the Post COVID World

With people being vaccinated at a record pace the Food and Beverage Industry can take a sigh of relief and turn over a new leaf. But still, a large number of restaurant-goers are wary of going to a restaurant physically and engage in that dining experience they were so used to before the pandemic happened. To combat this we must do our part to make their experience as contactless as possible and also make some fundamental changes to the process. A customer must be able to order food in breakneck time by limiting interactions to the bare minimum. This can be done by looking to technology as our savior and implementing a safe and effective solution. Recently there is a massive rise in the use of QR codes in our day-to-day life in the form of using them for payments. We can adopt the same to use it to better our dining experience.


QR Codes - How to Implement


QR Code Food Ordering

In the hospitality industry, we all know that the service that we provide to the customer must be personal. At present times how can we compensate that while providing safety to the customer? 


Enter QR codes that stand for Quick Response code. Designed in the year 1994 for the automotive industry in Japan with the sole intent of making things easier for automakers, they eventually started being used for a wide variety of applications with adoption rates skyrocketing since the Fintech industry started pushing them.

The premise here is simple. You open the camera and point it at the QR code placed on your table. A link pops up and leads you to the restaurant's website where you place your order digitally. Everything sounds simple up until this point but we take things a notch further by integrating all aspects of services ranging from calling a waiter to refill your water to paying the bill online which is all linked to the restaurant billing software. It is this level of customization that makes it possible for users to have a contactless experience.

With other entrants in the market using QR codes to pop up a PDF file of the menu is just another classic case of using customer sentiments to make a financial gain in the short term. 


As Forbes pins it "Table Service 2.0" we must embrace the change and it all starts with an efficient restaurant management system.


Akaash Amalraj, DiNAMIC

9th March 2021