The Different Types of POS Systems

The Different Types of POS Systems

The need for having a customized solution for your business needs has been on the rise. It has promptly penetrated the Point of Sale industry, where each establishment wants a tailored solution for them based on their requirements. 


With the growing middle-class population in our country, restaurant footfalls are experiencing a double-digit growth every year. Restaurants are looking to optimize their operations to handle the massive influx of customers. To make things easier for them, they are looking towards the point of sale providers for customized solutions.


In general, there are only two kinds of Point of Sale systems. 


We've already talked about Cloud-Based point of sale systems in detail. Check out that article if you haven't.


But with the ever-increasing competition in the restaurant industry, restaurants have to mix things to stay afloat. It leads to different types of POS based on the final use of the restaurant. They are as follows

  • Desktop POS
  • Mobile POS
  • Self-Service POS
  • Tablet POS


Desktop Point of Sale System:


Desktop point of sale systems are nothing new but are the ones that are present in the cash register section of every establishment. They are usually preferred where the size of the establishment is big, and they have a dedicated billing area. They are pretty old school and consist of a POS terminal or a desktop connected to other peripherals like a printer, card reader, and a barcode scanner. They are connected to the internet via Wifi or an ethernet cable. 


Mobile Point of Sale System:

Tablet Point of Sale Systems


As the title says, the unique use case of mobile point of sale systems is that they can be carried anywhere. This type of Point of Sale system is beneficial where space is a hindrance and, it's not practical for you to have a separate location for billing. These point of sale systems are gaining traction within the Quick Service Restaurants who work on the concept of delivering a fast experience. It offers them the flexibility to move around and bill customers at their ease. Mobile Point of Sale Systems can be accessed on any mobile device that has internet. Some POS systems require an application to be installed for them to work. Check out our POS which can be accessed directly from the browser.


Tablet Point of Sale System:


A tablet Point of Sale system is very similar to that of a mobile POS and works in the same manner. The advantage of using a tablet over a mobile POS is that tablets have a larger screen area. It makes it easier for the waiter to ring up customers quickly. Additional features can be added to a Tablet POS because of its bigger screen size. Using a tablet POS makes it easy for the server to carry the device around while also holding a conversation with a customer simultaneously. 


Self-Service POS:


As the name implies, self-service point of sale systems is used in locations where the customer can order food for themselves. Using this kind of POS can save time and labor for the restaurant and gives customers a sense of control over their food and decisions. Self-service POS has a lot of use cases, not only in restaurants but also other places like self-checkout in grocery stores, scheduling food in movie theatres, etc., 


The bottom line is that for the ever-growing industry, innovation has brought in many solutions making the restaurant operations more efficient


To know more about what kind of POS will be suitable for your establishment kindly do get in touch with us for more information. 


Akaash Amalraj, DiNAMIC

17th March 2021