The challenges in having your Own Online Ordering Platform

The challenges in having your Own Online Ordering Platform

Have you got a website that you have designed for your restaurant to advertise what you offer? How do you use that for taking orders directly online?


Do you pay a royalty to food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy which in turn puts a dent in your bottom line?


Owing to the pandemic the restaurants are having a hard time generating revenue and are looking to other sources to keep them afloat. They are increasingly turning pro towards having their website that has an online ordering platform for the restaurants that can serve directly to their customers and increase their margins. Building a sophisticated online ordering platform can be tricky and naturally, the business owners are confused and have a lot of questions in their minds that need answers. 


Rest Assured that we have got you covered in this part. But before that, we'd like to tell you some of the issues faced by the restaurant industry in general and what are the advantages of having an online ordering website for yourself without tying up with third-party aggregators.


Featured Menu

Be fresh with the menu and keep updating it every day - Keep a refreshed menu every day gives customers the impression that what you are providing today is fresh and made to order. It will also induce a sense of urgency that will make the customer order the food on the same day as it won't be available on other days


Customer Acquisition Cost  

Initially, to attract customers you can give them offers so that once they try out what the restaurant has to offer they can keep coming back to the same place. Keeping the CAC low is a good way to start building a loyal set of customers as they come back to order from the same place and in the long run, it will turn profitable for the restaurant.


Dunzo Integration

Dunzo Integration

Automate Dunzo with your existing point of sale system so that you don't have to punch in orders manually. You might already have a website where orders are coming from but every time you have to manually punch in the orders into your Point of sale system and schedule a delivery through Dunzo. As the restaurant is growing in scale it can be very time-consuming and to eliminate that you can turn to our service where all the orders get automated in a way that it shows up in your POS. You also don't have to schedule a delivery from Dunzo. When an order is placed it appears on your dashboard where you click confirm. Once confirmed a request is automatically triggered and a delivery executive from Dunzo will come to pick it up at your location. Consider also switching to a much more efficient Cloud-Based Point of Sale system in the future as the restaurant grows in scale.


Loyalty Rewards Program

Loyalty rewards program

Setting up a loyalty rewards program for your repeat customers. One thing is it will keep track of repeat customers and their order history book and the other benefit is that it will offer an incentive for the customer to place an order again. This is similar to how big coffee companies offer a card to entice customers to make several purchases so that they get a free cup of coffee at the end of a certain number of purchases. 


Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Failure rates across the payment gateway are one of the irks faced by the customer. By having a reliable Payment gateway like Razorpay you can offer customers the flexibility of a variety of payment methods and be happy that they won't have to face any payment failures. Having a payment system that collects payment receipts from several different channels helps as the owner does not have to spend time manually pooling up information at the end of the day.


Personalized Targeting

Personalized Targeting

Post it on other social media channels about your specials and do WhatsApp blasts letting know your customers what you're cooking today but at the same time try not to be excessive in abusing the customer's personal information and try to keep it less frequent. 

Offer special insights into your unique items like how you prepare it and stuff so that the customer can also participate in the process and try to engage with the restaurant. Making a customer feel special by offering him more than the normal will make them frequent your joint in the long run. 

Offering discounts and conducting contests to improve engagement so that people will order directly from your website instead of going through third-party apps.


Finally, the key points to check off when building an ordering system for your website. (TLDR Version)


  1. Have a smooth and fast website that visually eye-catching and attracts the user's attention.
  2. Display all the items that you have on offer and keep them short. Keep updating the menu and rotating them based on demand.
  3. Send personalized mailers to customers to invite them to order from your website and educate them that it is also a better choice than going through third-party apps.
  4. Keep in place a loyalty rewards program so that your customers will be back in to place orders repeatedly.
  5. Develop a system that rewards the customer for every purchase they make.
  6. Add pamphlets that have coupon codes in them so that the customer will save the document for later when he wants to use it.
  7. Email marketing has proven to derive up to 4x ROI so collecting email ids during the time of data gathering helps.

Check out the online ordering platform that we've extensively built attending to these above pain points. Integrating this into your already existing website is one of the best decisions you can make as a business owner.





Akaash Amalraj, DiNAMIC

11th March 2021