The benefits of Having a Digital Restaurant Menu for your Establishment

The benefits of Having a Digital Restaurant Menu for your Establishment

Tech Adoption in the Restaurant space has been very abysmal and not in pace with the other industries that have benefited immensely from shifting to a tech-first perspective to ease.


Since consumers have increasingly become safety conscious, restauranteurs are slowly shifting towards adopting technology into their workspace since it might be the only way to weather this pandemic and come out stronger. 


One of the first things involved in shifting to a restaurant powered by technology is to use a Cloud-Based Point of Sale System. Check out the article where we've extensively covered them in detail and the advantages they bring to the table. Streamlining operations in the restaurant before making any changes to the front-house is a wise thing to do. It allows the staff time to adjust to the system and get used to it.


The next crucial thing to do would be to set up a digital restaurant menu for the front-house where customers come in for dining. It is critical because any changes made to the menu might affect customer decisions negatively or positively.


When the customer takes a look at the digital restaurant menu on his/her device, it must invoke a sense of eagerness to try out what the restaurant has to offer. Let us look at the different areas where a digital restaurant menu can help make operations more efficient.


Improved Overall Efficiency:


Having a digital restaurant menu in your restaurant eliminates the need for the customer to wait for the server to hand them the menu. Instead, they can instantly see the menu on their device and make their decisions spontaneously. This allows for a smooth and efficient operation. 


Dependency on Manpower:

Reducing Dependency on Waiters


The restaurant industry is one with razor-thin margins, to turn a profit the business owners must handle staffing dynamically depending upon the day and time of the week. With the introduction of a digital restaurant menu, the requirement for restaurants to be dependent on a large crew can be cut down. With a slimmer workforce, the restaurant can better handle operations efficiently.


Make Changes Easily:


One of the key advantages of a digital restaurant menu is the ability to make changes to the menu on the fly. It makes it easier to update things/switch things when necessary and, the changes are pushed instantly to the customer's device. Addressing customer grievances on the menu is instant. 


Reduces Operational Expenses:


Having a digital restaurant menu means ditching the old-fashioned printed menu. These printed menus need to be changed from time to time due to wear and tear. Slowly these costs can add up and eat into the bottom line. In cases when you are providing a special menu every other week it might be costly for you to keep printing them. With a digital restaurant menu, all these pain points are solved and the customers can have a better experience using them. 


Improved Customer Experience:


A customer values the experience more than the cost sometimes and, it is a deciding factor in them returning to the restaurant in the future. By having a digital restaurant menu, you can enhance the customer's experience by making it much more efficient for them to enjoy. Implementing something as simple as this can go a long way in customer retention. 


Data in your Hands:


Implementing a digital restaurant menu into your existing restaurant gives you the ability to harness a wealth of data from your customers. Knowing the best-selling dish, what the customers choose for customization, etc., can go a long way in making future decisions to appeal to the customers in a way they like. The ability to forecast demand based on previous data can do wonders for your business. 


Increased Margins:

Upselling an item to the customer


The ability to upsell menu items to customers can be challenging to do when using paper menus. Having a digital menu that has everything clear and legible with high definition images changes the customer's mindset to order more than what they wanted. With this level of customization available in digital restaurant menus, the task of upselling becomes easier and in most cases, the customers don't need a push from the waiter.


With clear benefits to be had from implementing a digital restaurant menu, get in touch with us for more information. 









Akaash Amalraj, DiNAMIC

16th March 2021