An Explainer on the Various Responsibilities of a Waiter

An Explainer on the Various Responsibilities of a Waiter

Some of the unsung heroes of the year 2020 are Waiters. They do not get enough praise for the long hours they put into their work and are treated poorly. 


To remove the burden off the waiters' shoulders, we can look into using technology as a cue to make things easier. Instead of shunning technology in the fear that it will consume our jobs in the future we can embrace it and work side by side to make things easier.


Let's take a look at the different scenarios where using our QR code ordering system will support the waiter.


Attention to detail

A waiter taking orders

When a customer comes into the restaurant he expects to get a personal service from the waiter. In scenarios when the restaurant is packed the waiter has the daunting task of serving a large number of people. By using our software he's able to know the customers' name, order details which can offer a personal touch to the diner's experience.


Sense of Time and Management


Being in control of how all the customers in the restaurant get their food in a crowded restaurant is a mammoth task. It might be strenuous but with the help of an efficient restaurant management system, the waiter can look up the order details on his phone and get updates from the kitchen. In that way, the waiter can serve all dishes in time and please the customers with a quick experience.


Accommodating and Communication:

A waiter waiting to take order


When a waiter is under a heavy workload he is prone to making mistakes either by taking down the wrong order or by serving the wrong dish. With our Order Management System, he doesn't have to worry about all that. He can see exactly what the customer has ordered and can accommodate their requests perfectly. 



Waiters can exercise control over a specific set of tables in what we would like to call Zone-Based handling. It allows them to handle all tasks over their zone smoothly and efficiently. 



A waiter carrying drinks

When a customer has to place an order a lot of time is wasted from the restaurants' standpoint. Instead of the waiter taking orders the customer can place the same using this QR code menu and the waiter can focus on serving the customers. That way the restaurant can have a faster turnaround time and generate better revenue per seat which will eventually add to their bottom line. 


In conclusion, the waiter's responsibilities have increased over time, and during peak hours or when the restaurant is understaffed they need assistance. To assist the waiter we can use a waiter management system to better split the different tasks between waiters and handle them smoothly. 









Akaash Amalraj, DiNAMIC

10th March 2021